About Us

Who are we?

The Plain Barber Shop started as a family business and has been nursed to what it is today. As such, we value familiarity above anything else and hope to create the best atmosphere possible for our customers while providing a top quality service. We make great efforts to make you feel at home and we welcome any feedback you might have for us.

Why not come visit us at the open roundabout of The Plain, in St Clements? We try to make our workflow as casual as possible, so we do not work with appointments. Feel free to come visit us at any time on any day of the week, as we open during weekends too! You have total control of who cuts your hair, as we appreciate we all work differently and have different styles and we actually encourage our customers to have their preference.

Many worry one of us will get offended, but that could not be further apart from the truth!

Although we have a great focus on simplicity, we value versatility just as much! We work with all types of hair and on all ages and conditions. Although we are a men’s hairdresser, we can even do some ladies haircuts (so long as they fit within our workflow, come ask!) and all at the same price. 

We do our best to make your wait here as pleasant as possible, with free wifi access, videos, a high quality sound system and even making sure our air quality is top notch (thanks to our extraction and air purifier systems).

So what are you waiting for? Come see us, get your trim done and become one of our ever growing family. We are eagerly waiting!

Meet the team

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Meet John, our senior barber and founder. With over 30 years of professional experience, there is nothing he can’t do with his traditional workstyle (even certain ladies’ haircuts if you ask and it fits our workflow!). He enjoys challenging himself and will go the extra mile for the hardest of styles, taking them as a competition against himself. Our loyal customers vouch for his free hand style traditional, classic and modern haircuts.


Aduen is John’s own son that has picked up the family trade from a young age and has already accumulated more than 8 years of experience. He’ll gladly explain how certain decisions will affect the haircut and can recommend a product for the look you want. He is the one you will deal with if reach to us as he also manages our social medias and other communication. Always ready to make the best atmosphere possible for our customers.